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150 million extra children have been plunged into poverty as a result of the pandemic.  

Showing the world that "magic internet money" really can make a difference.

Linking Crypto to Lives

Through the emergence of cryptocurrencies opportunities to make money have increased tenfold while those who have never heard of such currencies continue to live life on the edge.


A continual fear surrounds their lives but we can change that.


The crypto-community is strong, we can help the world for the  better by giving just a little each to make a big impact on lives around the world.

Stand with Chain-Aid to show the world the good that crypto offers.

100% of your donations go to aiding those who live under the bread line.

We aim to:

  • Buy emergency food supplies.

  • Buy vaccines and medical equipment.

  • Train nurses to give life saving care.

  • Supply mosquito nets.

  • Build  wells and taps to bring clean water into areas without.

  • Help set up small business for locals to create a sustainable income.

Our dream for the future:

We aim to lead the way forward in bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream for donations, we will expand our Charity Hub while also expanding the reach of Chain-Aid charity to more people around the world. 

We hope that you will join us in revolutionising charities, as they need us more than ever.

Keep up to date with our projects to see the impact that crypto is making.


Chain-Aid supports a range of charities all that rely on fundraising to sustain themselves and provide the services others need so much.

Charity Hub

Making it easier to donate to your favourite charities using your favourite cryptocurrencies. 

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