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About Us

Welcome to chain-aid we are a non-profit foundation that aims to help those most in need, we plan to help a range of charities focusing on poverty internationally.

We are still a very new charity but have big dreams to bring essential products and services to impoverished areas.


Donation Pot

Chain-Aid Treasury

Mosquito Nets



By the end of 2022 we hope to have raised over 10 million in cryptocurrencies. This would be enough to help over 20 million people! Bringing them the basics of clean water and mosquito free nights.

Chain-Aid Aims:


Bring a new source of income for desperate charities.


Raise money for vaccinations for preventable illnesses.

Including Covid-19.


Train nurses to aid the thousands of families needing medical attention.


Fund Chain-Aid Charities bigger projects to develop housing in poorer areas of Africa such as Uganda.


Be the largest contributor of cryptocurrencies to charities helping millions around the world.

Our organisation hopes to partner with more charities to bring them this new source of income that they would otherwise not receive. Please feel free to contact us with enquiries about adding your charity at our email

Here at chain aid we are a new and emerging non-profit foundation we have some great ideas of how we could help those most in need but we need your help to do that. We want to start by using your generous donations to buy mosquito nets for young children and babies, doesn’t sound that amazing, but malaria is killing more than 400 million people a year 70% of those are under 5 years old and a further 200 million fall ill.


Malaria nets can greatly reduce this number, each net costs just £2 and can protect up to two people for 3 to 4 years something so small can have a great effect at fighting a deadly disease. We also want to buy anti malaria drugs these can be a game changer in helping to prevent this deadly disease, it costs just £2.40 per course but can be marked up five times that at pharmacies in Africa! Some people don’t even have access to a pharmacy, we want to change that and make anti malaria drugs available to all.


Fresh clean water it’s something that a majority of us take for granted but in some places people don’t have access to this, we want to change that by putting fresh water pumps in the places that need it most. Nearly 1 BILLION people don’t have access to fresh safe water, that is 1 in 8 we think everyone should have access to fresh clean safe water and with your help we believe we can achieve this. Currently the full cost to drill a well in Africa is £15,000 so for the cost of a modest second hand car, we can literally provide a village with a vital life support system that can save lives and stop children and adults from having to drink from contaminated sources, or go without.


Another key issue we plan to tackle is to provide the vitally needed health care. Some 400 million people a year have no access at all to vital health care your funding will insure that those people do not have to go without healthcare or treatment. 

With your help we plan to change the world for good.



Chain-Aid will be one of the largest contributors of crypto donation sites 

Our goal to reach over a million mosquito nets will hopefully be accomplished.

Bring crypto to ten new charities increasing their donations.

Chain-Aid charity sponsorship programme to directly link crypto to someone education.

We aim to have built up a big enough treasury so that we are able to provide new housing in Uganda for 10000 residents.

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